Annual Fishing Trips

Annual Fishing Trips

This annual fishing trip has been going for over 30 years. Some people change from time to time, but a core group have remained the same all of that time. Campsites differ as well as it adds to the adventure somewhat.

A charter boat is employed to deliver the fishing group along with their equipment, gear and apparatus required for 10 days in the bush and on the water. Simple food basics of course are packed, but generally speaking they live off the land and ocean.

Equipment includes a large array of fishing gear, dive gear, small boats and run a bouts, hunting equipment, cooking utensils, tents, covers, personal gear and refreshments, just in case.

In earlier days this annual fishing trip endured for 1 week, but over the years it was agreed 1 week was not enough, especially if bad weather and sea conditions prevailed for a few days, so the trip was extended to 10 days. The down side of a 10 day trip is peoples availability, especially younger folk who may have less resources and ability to get off work for that amount of time. In saying that the consensus is that even 10 days goes too quickly.

Over all those years, good weather or bad, this group of folk cannot recall the occurrence of a bad incident or argument. However this is not the case for some other similar groups who’s annual fishing trip has been somewhat marred or ruined because of personality clashes. It should be recognized that a group of males, most of whom live in a comfortable and regular home environment, may have difficulty adapting to a closed in communal situation in the bush. The differences can be quite significant for some, eg; one meal for all, individual differences in habits, keeping clothing and bedding dry, not to mention the latrine to name a few.





Annual Fishing Trips

Annual Fishing Trips

Contemplating Days Events.


Divers Returning With Their Spoils.

Charter Boat Loaded With Gear..

Everyone Grts A Meal.

Oysters Thanks To The Divers.

Showing Off.


Cod For Dinner.




















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