Big Game Fishing In Warmer Waters

Big Game Fishing In Warmer Waters

Big Game Fishing In Warmer Waters


Big Game Fishing With My Old Friend

Big Game Fishing didn’t really occur to me until later in life when my friend Charlie, who after years of talking the sport up, finally convinced me to visit him in the northern parts and give it a try. Charlie who is an avid, almost obsessed hunter / fisherman, made all the arrangements and entered in a prestigious competition of which he is a regular contender.

The rules of Big Game Fishing competitions are technical and exact and trace lengths, breaking strains, knots etc. are my old friend’s expertise and were well checked and prepared. Thirty five kilometers out in the open ocean in a 7.5 meter alloy still searching for ultimate temperatures and currants with a 15 knot and increasing seaward wind, my respect for rules and indeed big game fishing on the whole was waning very quickly.

Not a sign of another boat, no land, no horizon, just white water swirling, tossing, making, breaking, resembling very much the way I myself felt. With standing unassisted on deck impossible, I was beginning to think how difficult it would be if we actually hooked up, it would be to play and land a fish of any size, let alone a large one. A full day on the ocean and the last boat in, I conceded these big game guys are a hardy albeit crazy bunch.

After spending day 2 with the wives sightseeing and coffee drinking I realized my mistake in standing down in the 2nd day of fishing and was keen to get back to the wharf to welcome my team, one man short, back in, still no fish. Dave, you should have come out today, it was much better. I pondered, yes, better than the alternative.

My inaugural big game fishing trip behind me, I have become very keen on the sport and venture out with my old friend when time allows.

My old friend, always on the lookout for a sign.


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