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Spring Migration Of Godwits People And Whitebait

Big Bay Godwits People and Whitebait

Watching a supply plane negotiate surf and wind conditions on approach to the low tide air strip at Big Bay, Trevor turns and says, ‘we’ve seen a lot of things haven’t we’. I pondered for a moment and agreed as a couple of ‘godwits’ scuttled out of danger. Arriving only days before in late September, three godwits have joined the annual spring migration of people and whitebait to Big Bay. Rather unassuming for nature negative folk, these extraordinary birds for some reason just as extraordinary, choose New Zealand to have lunch after a 12,000 kilometer non stop journey the full length of the Pacific from the North Slope of Alaska. Godwits are not water birds, so do not feed or land during one of the most significant biological feats documented.


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