Curling Outdoors


An age old sport, Outdoor curling appeals to many as an alternative or supplement to their other winter sports and activities.

Curling Outdoors is obviously weather dependent, so it can’t be assumed that ice will be available each and every year. This aspect of the game can be rather apprehensive as we watch and wait for the ice to form without comprehensive weather changes.

A typical scenario could be, a phone call from another curling club to our team selector with an invitation to join them in a curling match the day after tomorrow provided the weather continues to cooperate. Two rinks of four curlers ( this constitutes a club ), vehicles, curling stones and everything else appropriate is quickly organized ready for a 5am start the following morning to reach the ice rink by 9:30am or so.

Not so many women play outdoor curling, so the best outdoor curlers wives are, within reason, tolerant of our love for our sport even if it takes two or three days to get home again, on the odd occasion, longer.

Some official outdoor tournaments however, are held on artificial outdoor ice which is generally more regularly available and this is OK, but it is still not quite the same as curling outdoors on naturally formed ice. Some years, the powers above, provide little or no natural ice so its back to the much more regulated and consistency of artificially formed outdoor and indeed indoor ice.

Outdoor curling, being consistant with indoor curling provides competition, competitiveness, camaraderie and friendship with all of the fine folk who wish to indulge both nationally and internationally.




Curling Outdoors

Curling Outdoors

Outdoor Curling at 6000 feet.



A Social Moment During An Outdoor Curling Match.



Preparing Ice With a Cleverly Designed Sweeper for An Outdoor Curling Match.



This Outdoor Curling Stone needs Swept on this Very Slippery Ice.






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