Duck Hunting

Grandson Jim

Duck Hunting Season.

Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting

A Family ritual for generations, duck hunting is set to continue for some time yet despite extreme left wing extremists attempts to have it curtailed. A tradition for centuries, duck hunting methods are all that have changed. We all have to eat to survive and hunting successfully is a skill and a sport enjoyed by kids, dogs, sons and daughters alike.

Firstly we shouldn’t force a kid into something they do not want to do, after all, duck hunting is not for everyone. However if your young person is keen he or she will learn skills in safety, animal behavior, weather conditions,  camouflage and having fun and how it relates. Working your dog, and identifying hunting as a source of food not to be rejected or wasted, is sound education.

to name a few, just by coming with you when ever they can. If they are really keen it will become difficult to get away without

them. They become an intricial part in preparing for the hunt if not quite so keen to help pluck, clean up etc at the end of it.

Of course when their confidence builds and they are ready, that persistent question, ‘can I have a go’, begins to ring. It is however our responsibility to identify

when and or if that person is indeed ready to use a firearm. We have young people like to come on the hunt, but don’t show interest in using a firearm at all, and

they are not necessarily girls over boys. As I touched on earlier, hunting is seen by some as extreme and is not for everyone, but I must say it delights me to have young folk come along even if it is

only for their own piece of mind.

If and when they take it up seriously, there are clubs and groups they can join so they can enhance their shooting skills even further, possibly opening the door to competitive marksmanship over

and above hunting.

Great satisfaction to me is when one of my grandchildren say, hey Dave, do you want to come for a hunt.


A good morning.


Duck hunting is fun for everyone
















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