Fallow Deer Have Become Well Established

Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer Have Become Well Established

                 Curiosity killed the cat




Fallow Deer

Although not endemic from where I am, Fallow Deer have become well established since their liberation 150 years ago. Fallow Deer are a beautiful looking animal that provide us with a nice nature balance in the bush, a great sport and excellent cuisine.

My own hunting block has traditionally supported red deer and pigs, but now that fallow deer have moved up the valley and made themselves at home is OK with me. Their numbers however are relatively low where they will hopefully remain in order to maintain an acceptable balance of fauna and flora in our forest.

The young deer are sometimes very inquisitive and on occasions make themselves vulnerable to a speculating hunter. An experience we had while working on a project in our forest block when a yearling fallow deer appeared on the scene. Not prepared to show himself fully he remained a regular visitor to our work site over the succeeding weeks venturing closer each time much to our delight, providing us with entertainment and a satisfying connection. Sadly on a later visit, a fresh gut heap in the middle of the track indicated he succumbed to a poachers ignorance and willingness to shoot a baby. Maybe my take on it displays a little sour grapes on my part because we had grown quite fond of the little guy and looked forward to his welcome. I always knew however, that one day his welcome would become a poachers delight, and I suppose that is life and we have to get used to it.

I enjoy hunting myself and would be lying if I said that I didn’t get the odd easy one. After all we all have to eat, and hunting in my view, is a satisfying way of supplementing our families food supply.

    A two year old buck

Nothing will be wasted on this young buck

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