Ghana, A Wonderful Place To Visit


7 week old baby Michael

Ghana has abundant activities

Ghana has abundant activities on offer to anyone who wishes to venture there. ‘We may see some elephants today’, our forest ranger and guide mentioned as we swerved around a twenty kilo pile of dung. Through the bush a little further and here they were, wallowing in a water hole perfectly content, splashing, sounding off and fooling around. A thought suddenly crossed my mind, ‘could this scene resemble Richard and I in the lodge pool last night’?

Richard showed me many of Ghana’s points of interest, including history and politics. My highlight being an introduction into some local families homes and villages where I was able to experience differences in culture, cuisine, colours, beverages and lifestyles. For many of these folk, having a ‘whitey’ in their village, let alone their home was some what rare indeed.

At first I was taken back a little and my heart went out to the plight of people whos’ traditions have changed little over the centuries. Although hard work, either grazing or cropping their patch of land had taken its toll, they are healthy and happy. I think to myself, ‘no stress here’. A sustainable lifestyle off the land without constant changes of laws and compliance that add cost, trauma and lifestyle changes, has long passed by, in my world anyway.

As we re-approach the ‘hum drum and bustle’ of city limits it becomes evident, urban development is fast encroaching on farms ,skills and lifestyles. Apparently governments, their politicians, bureaucrats and side-kicks see off shore land grabbing made possible by favourable exchange rates and cheap labour as good investment. ‘We are a global economy’, they say as they all fill their pockets.

A similar tune plays,as my time approaches to return home to ‘back patting’ politicians encouraging land sell offs to overseas corporates while more and more local young couples become tenants on what should be their own piece of land.




 Checking me out  


 Village Baking Kilns



Standing Tall




No stress here


Crocs’ move aside for these magnificent creatures

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