Hunting With Grand Daughter Danni.



Hunting With Danni, Her First Hunt.

Hunting With Danni, or for that matter, any of my grandchildren and dog Mertle is a pleasurable outdoor activity enjoyed by all of us. Danni doesn’t shoot a high powered rifle at game yet, and maybe she won’t, but in the meantime she is having fun tagging along.

Our hunting block is but 40 minutes from home so during school holidays, if the weather is OK and work commitments allow we can be away at the drop of a hat. Danni is from the city and has spent most of her summer holidays with us on the farm so has developed a diverse awareness of sports and outdoor activities. Hunting is one of them.

The first hunt with Danni, 5:00 am start arrive at the hunting block just on dawn on a pleasant morning, prolific bird song gaining momentum, the nights heavy dew glistening in the growing day light and no wind to spoil our chances. So far so good for Danni who was so excited that she was oblivious of her very wet state from the dewy under growth. Moving very slowly, just over a knob there he stood, head down grazing in the under growth and only his but visible. He was some distance away, presently unaware of any danger, but for how long?

One step forward and he would be out of sight. Danni, can you whistle? I whispered, she was so excited she indicated she wasn’t sure, but made a high pitched kind of a sound. The Red Deer lifted his head immediately showing a head of antlers and providing a clear head shot.

Going to take some hauling this big thing out I suggested. The reply was simply, I can’t do anything until my knee caps stop shaking up and down. Danni was soon to find that not all hunting trips were to be as successful as the first.


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