Lawn Bowls In A Sea Side Village.

Lawn Bowls

A Lawn Bowls Tournament In A Rural Town.

Lawn Bowls In A Rural Environment.

Memberships of lawn bowls clubs in our rural communities continues to diminish, as appears to be the case with some of our urban cousins. A major concern to the bowlers and their clubs regarding their longevity.

I am a member of a lawn bowling club at a small sea side village, whos’ membership has been seriously compromised, as older members pass on, they are not being replaced with youth, or anyone for that matter. As opposed to 30 years ago, lawn bowls is not attracting young folk as an alternative summer sport, possibly because there is a much larger variety of exciting sports and activities for them to take part in.

On the other hand bowls has its upside. Although the majority of the bowlers in our rural communities are made up of older and retired citizens, they remain enthusiastic, show many skills and are very competitive in their sport. We all like to travel to other clubs to compete and enjoy the camaraderie, the banter and the social event that follows.

Our club has little income other than that of subs, raffles and small bar takings. Alternatively, costs are kept relatively low by having no paid staff and a huge volunteer input in the way of working bees, bar management, green keeping and maintenance, building maintenance, kitchen duties etc. Members are from a wide and diverse back ground providing a range of skills that enable our club to function in a self sustainable way quite nicely. The diverse back grounding also bodes well for our club nights and social functions and dinners, that although our club membership is small, we are able to get good attendances, get jolly, get toes tapping and sometimes arrive home quite late.

Seriously Competitive

Attendance at local tournament



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