A Mans Best Friend.

Mans Best Friend.

Wet and Happy in the Front Seat


Mans Best Friend.

It’s well known that a dog and its carer can become very attached, thus the old adage, mans best friend. Herman and I were no exception and were seldom apart. Instinctively, a very good cattle working dog, Herman responded to further training for other various activities including hunting and retrieving water fowl and ground birds, hunting and finding pigs and deer. He wasn’t quite as useful at fishing, but loved a trip out on the ocean none the less, enjoying the meal that followed as did everyone else. Cats, rats, ferrets, stoats, mice and kids ice-creams were all at peril if in the wrong place at the wrong time. In saying that, house or domestic cats were not on his list of things to do, although they often got the eye ball.

Herman linked social gatherings, barbeques and people enjoying themselves to having a good time too, retrieving a long lost ball and bouncing it at someone’s and or everyone’s feet hoping to engineer a throw and retrieve game that quickly became boring for most, much to Herman’s wonderment.

Like myself, Herman was not the prettiest of his species, but liked driving to town where he was quite enthralled to see an array of well groomed , pretty looking canines of all shapes and sizes. The girls at the service station would bring him out sweets and the like, satisfying his sweet tooth and he returned the pleasure with his antics and extraordinary body language, and so he became quite well known around the area.

A breed that generally does not like water or hunting game, Herman became not only an excellent swimmer, but a very good retriever and finder, enhancing younger family members hunting skills and enthusiasm, highlighting that the whole hunting concept is complimented with a good dog. In comparison, there are many specific ‘hunting breedsof dogs that are great and good companions, but not having other instincts or skills, their fun days are limited to a few a year.

Mans Best FriendWaiting For An Opportunity.

Worth the Wait

This activity is as good as herding cattle



Wouldn’t have had this one without Herman’s skills.















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