Phone Call September 2012 From My GP

Phone call

phone call

Phone call



Phone call

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Phone Call From My GP.

A phone call September 2012 from my G.P., ‘Dave, I need to see you’. During a visit a few days before, he had identified a life long back problem being the cause of chronic hip pain ruling out hip replacement,much to my relief, when he commented, he hadn’t seen me for a year or two we better do some blood tests.

The diagnosis;  ‘Dave, your psa level is 45 and you have advanced prostate cancer, I have made an appointment for you to see a urologist tomorrow’.  Completely numbed I thought to myself, ‘What did he just say’? He finished, ‘I advise you to take it’.

The urologist was unimpressed, but settled a little when I said, ‘I don’t even know why I’m here, let alone what a urologist is’. After computer analysis I was told a 90% chance of the cancer being already well spread throughout my body, that was followed by biopsy’s showing grade 9 cancer followed by, in his opinion, Christmas 2012 could be my last. After discussing a few options, he offered to set me up with an oncologist for another opinion, I gladly accepted, desperately grappling with my situation.

I have a Canadian friend who himself suffering from what he was told was terminal gut cancer, credits using an alternative cancer treatment for him defying medical opinion. I ordered and administered the alternative immediately, including during all of my radiation and other conventional treatments. I would milk my cows in the morning, down to the city for radiation and home by lunch time for 39 times. I suppose I was too busy and preoccupied with everything to spend time sulking and brooding about poor me.

The purpose of my story is to recognize our spouses, children, grand children and caring friends, being victims of cancer sufferers, who go through the disease themselves although not physically. If I didn’t fully recognize true family values before cancer, I do now. I also hold in very high regard all of the good folk involved in cancer treatment and recovery who together are a very special group. I go on to recognize that the presents and attitudes of these two groups of people are a valuable aid in many cases of cancer recovery.


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