Poppy The Pigs Life On The Farm



Poppy The Pigs Life On The Farm

Poppy became part of our lives one afternoon on our way home from a hunt. There ahead of us running aimlessly on an over grown track was an apparently lost and only a few days old wild piglet. Grandson Jack needed little coaxing in getting after it. Amazingly enough it didn’t fret at all and so adapted to domestic food,( any thing at all ) and the comfits of home all most immediately.

It was caught on Poppy Day, thus the name Poppy and being a baby spent the first month or so with the family, the cat and a dog who were quite disturbed by the ordeal. Poppy’s life on the farm in early days was quite extraordinary, she was completely house trained, provided entertainment for everyone present except the cat, who became completely out grown and the dog who now had to compete for attention.

Poppy, having lived only a few days in the wild was completely fearless and bold, greeted everyone including visitors and house pets with gusto and became very excited with cooking noises, smells and activities. Obviously the time come when Poppy’s growing body and her disregard for folks discomfort when she would broadside around the corner from the kitchen to the sitting room and leap up on someone’s lap became a little anti social. She was a pig after all and it was time she learned to be one.

Being winter I decided to get her some company, a couple of half grown kune-kune pigs from my neighbor. Once again Poppy adapted to her new friends immediately and began her new life outside where all pigs should be.



Where It All Began.


Poppy Was Happy To Have Lunch Several Times Daily.

Poppy Quickly Adapted To Domestic Life

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