Stroke Cuts Short Hunting/Fishing Trips.


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Stroke Cuts Short Hunting/Fishing Trips.

Hunting and Fishing trips were cut short by a debilitating stroke. A veteran of our annual Stewart Island hunting and fishing trip for only a couple of years, cousin Bill fell victim to what could have been a killer stroke. An academic with a sharp mind and dogged determination he defied medical science and all professional points of view when he learned to speak well enough to communicate and to walk well enough to be some what mobile.

Post rehabilitation and on agreement with others in our group, Bill once again joined us on our annual trip, and although a little dependent it became a highlight of his miserable life. His deteriorating health over the next few years confined him to his home although he still proudly drove a modified vehicle around town, always on his own, no one else being brave enough to join him. He is no stranger to health problems, having been diagnosed with diabetes years before, had a heart attack in his forties, then the stroke, burst appendices, the hospital bug and then MRSA along with other small strokes along with depression.

Grandchildren became another highlight of his life and he would beam whenever he spoke of them, but that joy was taken from him when they moved to another country with their parents. Any independence he had left diminished when his drivers licence was revoked and he was moved to a care home much to his annoyance, which is quite understandable. Given that we grew up together, like brothers, I have been desperately saddened to watch his latter life unfold, but that is life and we have to make the most of what we have. Unfortunately a lot of friends become very conspicuous by their absents.

Cousin Bill was absolutely delighted to see me during a recent visit making me feel extremely guilty for not having visited more regularly. Too easy to make an excuse. If his claim that $500,000 will cure him to some extent is true, then that is also sad that those with the cash at hand stand above the rest of us. Again that is life. I left promising to share the proceeds of a winning lotto ticket if one came my way and then wondered how long he would have to wait to be delighted by someones visit again.


                                                                                            Once fit and able 

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