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Need Vaccinations? See the ‘Travel Doctor’

travel doctor

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Travel Doctor, my GP Suggested

‘The process may be easier for you if you consult with the Travel Doctor’, my GP suggested. A long time had passed since I had needed mandatory inoculations in order to travel, so I said OK, not quite knowing what a Travel Doctor was. Down to the city appointment with thespecialist and very astute’ doctor, who in a short space of time gained specific knowledge of my history, including family members she had run across, and my present needs.

My surprise at the intensity of the process, being two hours rather than twenty or so minutes I had wrongly budgeted for, abated when I walked out with all of my vaccinations, my prescription of legitimate travel drugs and a comprehensive education of possible problems and their cures

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Phone Call September 2012 From My GP

Phone call

phone call

Phone call


Phone call

Healthy Kereru

Phone Call From My GP.

A phone call September 2012 from my G.P., ‘Dave, I need to see you’. During a visit a few days before, he had identified a life long back problem being the cause of chronic hip pain ruling out hip replacement,much to my relief, when he commented, he hadn’t seen me for a year or two we better do some blood tests.

The diagnosis;  ‘Dave, your psa level is 45 and you have advanced prostate cancer, I have made an appointment for you to see a urologist tomorrow’.  Completely numbed I thought to myself, ‘What did he just say’? He finished, ‘I advise you to take it’.

The urologist was unimpressed, but settled a little when I said, ‘I don’t even know why I’m here, let alone what a urologist is’. After computer analysis I was told a 90% cha...

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Duck Hunting

Grandson Jim

Duck Hunting Season.

Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting

A Family ritual for generations, duck hunting is set to continue for some time yet despite extreme left wing extremists attempts to have it curtailed.

I am not necessarily into killing, but lets face it, we all have to eat to survive and hunting successfully is a skill acquired from good training and gaining experience in a few

interconnecting attributes.

Firstly we shouldn’t force a kid into something they do not want to do, after all, duck hunting is not for everyone. However if your young person is keen he or she will learn

skills in safety, animal behavior, weather conditions and how it relates, working your dog, identifying hunting is a source of food not to be rejected or

wasted, camouflage and having fun to name a few, just by coming w...

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