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Phone Call September 2012 From My GP

Phone call

phone call

Phone call


Phone call

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Phone Call From My GP.

A phone call September 2012 from my G.P., ‘Dave, I need to see you’. During a visit a few days before, he had identified a life long back problem being the cause of chronic hip pain ruling out hip replacement,much to my relief, when he commented, he hadn’t seen me for a year or two we better do some blood tests.

The diagnosis;  ‘Dave, your psa level is 45 and you have advanced prostate cancer, I have made an appointment for you to see a urologist tomorrow’.  Completely numbed I thought to myself, ‘What did he just say’? He finished, ‘I advise you to take it’.

The urologist was unimpressed, but settled a little when I said, ‘I don’t even know why I’m here, let alone what a urologist is’. After computer analysis I was told a 90% cha...

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