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Oldies Rugby Tournament Ends

Oldies Rugby and Appendicitis

Last game of the ‘oldies rugby’ tournament ends and the last social event begins. Loaded with a little alcohol, or should we call it ‘brain food’, my colleagues overwhelming advice regarding my condition prompted someone to arrange an appointment the next morning with the weekend emergency doctor. ‘ What can I do for you’? was the impersonal greeting. Still in acute pain I reply, ‘A bunch of knowledgeable people say I have appendicitis’.

oldies rugby

    Playing days behind this front rower

He stares directly to my eye. ‘Do they just, now let me see’...

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Dubai Airport, Universal Travel Catalyst

Dubai Airport

You can go anywhere you like from here

Cultures and Colours at Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport

      Folk from everywhere

Taxi into Dubai Airport past multiple rows of terminals and planes, disembark, follow the crowd, that’s easy enough. Luggage checked through to final destination, that’s easy. Through customs and follow the masses once more. ‘Hang on’ , they are all going in different directions. ‘Now where did I put that ticket‘? Check in , ‘where is that’? People seem friendly enough, but for a language barrier, so pointing, along with diagrams, lines and circles on the back of my ticket with a note, 20 minute walk was to suffice.

Dubai Airport

        Transport between terminals

Hordes of people of all makes and models dressed in their authentic dress politely but busily making their way this way and that...

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