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Reuniting of old mates and the camaraderie

Reuniting of old mates.

Old mates A moment on the beach

reuniting of old mates

Old mates Young and oldish.

Reuniting of old mates.

Organizing a dozen, more or less guys, not only from different walks of life, but from different parts of the country to meet on a given date and be away from their jobs and homes for ten days is quite a commitment. None the less most have been before on many occasions and look forward to the reuniting of old mates and the camaraderie that follows during the next ten days living from the ocean and bush, as the core of them have done for more than thirty years on our annual hunting trip to Stewart Island.

Attrition after that time is inevitable and our group have been fortunate to have maintained numbers with folk of all ages, occupations and skill sets...

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