Whitebaiting In One of The Few Remote Places Left.



Whitebait elude the nets


Supplies Arrive on Beach




Whitebaiting In The Remoteness.

Whitebaiting tidal flows along with water temperatures may dictate when or even if the hatchling whitebait even make it to the river mouth.

Then the predators. Whitebait shoals entering a river are often followed by an array of sea dwelling fishes only to be met by many hungry fishes from the fresh water domain. Perhaps I should mention the super abundance and variety of bird life waiting anxiously for the arrival of this tasty tiny morsel.

Unfortunately for whitebait, on a seasonal basis only, humans are included in the food chain. We too have to eat, and very well I might add.

Whitebaiting is practiced on many of our rivers, sometimes attracting large numbers of fishermen. However I am very fortunate in that the river we hold concessions to whitebait is situated in a remote part of the country supporting no roads for several days walk. Access is by small aircraft that land on the beach at low tide only, weather permitting. I along with a couple of colleagues live on site among a small community of likewise folk who have in common the love of the remoteness with its extraordinary natural environs and wildlife.

For continued sustainability of our whitebait resource, rules have been put in place, eg; fishing hours, net size and stand length and location. Remoteness, lack of amenities and being away from home comforts for long periods does not take kindly to some, leaving behind a hardy bunch of in common folk from all sorts of interesting back grounds who look out for each other making life in this wonderful place possible and unforgettable.

Whitebait packed and Frozen


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